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We are a leading range repair company in the Los Altos CA area. With many years of experience, we take pride in our position as one of the best Los Altos range repair businesses around.

Our long list of happy clients speaks volumes towards the value we put forward as the ideal solution for those in need of a range repair in Los Altos CA.

Whether it's sparking burners, elements not heating up, or even elements not turning off, there is no range repair problem that we can't solve. Our technicians have dealt with everything and as such, we are exactly who you want for your range repair in Los Altos CA.

We start by sending a repairman out to your Los Altos CA home to diagnose the problem and find the range parts that need replaced. Upon hiring, we will obtain any needed range parts in Los Altos CA and return to your home. Once the new range parts are installed, we will test the machine to make sure it works and then be on our way.

Your stove repair needs are safe in our hands. We take pride in our efforts to be the number one Los Altos stove repair company. As such, we do our best every time we take on a stove repair in Los Altos CA.

No stove repair problem is too big to handle. Our repairmen always guarantee great results when performing a stove repair in Los Altos CA.

We estimate based on the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide. We charge for stove parts what we pay; sometimes our supplier for stove parts in Los Altos CA cuts a deal and this gets forwarded your way. Sometimes the stove parts you need are also already available in our pre-stocked work vehicle!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

You should always test the flame on your commercial gas range before using it again. This should be done specifically after giving the range a full cleaning. Whoever works in the kitchen will be able to do this at the end of their shift. Testing the flames is as simple a starting up each burner separately and making sure a blue flame kicks in. The flame should also be consistent, not jumpy. If any issues, avoid using the stove until the problem is diagnosed and repaired.


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