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The Los Altos CA area has many appliance repair companies to choose from, but not many are well versed in the area of dishwasher repair.

We are a Los Altos dishwasher repair company that has served as a primary solution for those in need of an effective dishwasher repair in Los Altos CA.

This particular type of appliance repair is a specialty of ours as we have completed it time and time again for clients in the Los Altos CA area. Some of the dishwasher problems that we have noticed in high frequency include the following:

  • Leaking during use.
  • Load stopping mid-cycle.
  • Dishes not getting cleaned.
  • Machine not powering up.

We never struggle with any dishwasher repair in Los Altos CA as our technicians know what they are doing and have all the tools and resources on hand to get the job done.

After contacting us to set up an appointment for a dishwasher repair, our technician will go to your home and diagnose the problem, find which dishwasher parts need replaced, and then give you an estimate for the cost of these parts and labor. Pricing will follow the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide.

Upon hiring, the technician will leave to get the dishwasher parts in Los Altos CA from discount suppliers - any savings will be passed on to you. The technician will then return and install the dishwasher parts that were bought and then test out the machine to make sure that everything is working right.

The service call fee is also only charged for clients that do not move forward with a repair.

Top dishwasher brands we service

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Are you curious about which dishwasher detergent provides the best cleaning results? Consumer Reports has performed a test that covered all the different types of dishwashing detergent products on the market. This includes dishwasher detergent tablets, pods, gels, liquids, powders, and packs. This test saw the Cascade Complete All-in-1 Action Packs and the Finish Powerball Tabs shine above the competition as the most effective dishwashing detergent products available. On the flip side, Costco and Wal-Mart branded products were viewed as being some of the least efficient on the market.


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