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A dryer can run into problems as a result of many different dryer parts having issues.

It may be something as basic as a thermal fuse needing replaced. It could also be something much more difficult to handle, such as the heating element needing replaced. It could also be the result of issues with other dryer parts like the gas valve solenoid, dryer igniter, heating element and assembly, flame sensor, and the main control board.

We provide an initial consultation to figure out the root cause of your dryer problems. This will allow our technician to evaluate the approximate cost of labor and the expense for obtaining the appropriate dryer parts in Los Altos CA. The parts are valued based on data from the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide.

If you move forward with the dryer repair, we will generously drop the in-home visit fee.

After you decide to move forward with the repair, our repairman will usually have to gather the necessary dryer parts in Los Altos CA. Our work vehicles do come loaded with some common dryer parts, but these are usually for small, common fixes and not bigger repairs. In most cases, you will need something specific to your drying machine. Not to worry, we will work quickly to gather everything needed for the job and to return and get your appliance repair needs met.

So, no panic! Call to us for dryer repair in Los Altos CA and get your appliance back to good running state in minutes!

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Why do people stress over dryer lint buildup so much? It's not as bad as everyone lets on. Yes, lint cannot accumulate for too long or else it could cause problems. If there is a substantial accumulation of lint in the dryer lint tray, then it could also be a fire hazard. However, the main concern is the lack of air flow, which usually just lowers the operational efficiency of the dryer. If you are even slightly responsible, the lint will be cleared out way before it could become a fire risk.


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